Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy, Sick, Busy, Busy!!

The title basically describes how the whole month of April was for me! It's a shame that I can't keep up here on my blog! But it really is tough! The twins try to keep me away from the computer as much as they can! And my school studying is constant too! I've actually fallen behind with studying but I plan to try and catch up next month. Ok, don't laugh, just let me amuse myself and say that I will! :)

Then we had a totally fun game at Treasures To Scrap all month that kept us all super busy!! Everyone totally RAWKED the TTS GALLERY!! I made more LO's this month than I have in probably 6 months combined! OK, well, not really but it seemed like it! I did get TONS done though! After the final challenge of the month I ended up losing my mojo and had to step away for a couple days.

What did I do on those couple days off of making LO's? Well, what would any digi-scrappin' addict do??? SHOP! LOL! I had a little money to spend and plus my dear friend Dawn surprised me with a gift certificate to get some Traci Murphy Actions! I had never tried them before and she was bragging about how awesome they are! So I picked up a pack and I already tried them and now know this is A MUST HAVE! So I thank her so much for thinking of me, cheering me up and suggesting such a wonderful item! I was trying to hold off on shopping for NSD but I couldn't help but pick up these awesome goodies:

Couldn't pass up Katie Pertiet's new items for 25 cents at Designer Digitals:
Flourished Words - Brushes & Stamps
Candy Jar Paper Pack

Also bought Ashley Olson Goodies: Colorful Duct Tape and Oodles of Doodles. Also check the end of my post for my BEST FIND for the month!! It's awesome!

Now on to the sick part! My poor baby girl ended up catching a bug at the birthday party we were at last week. She was sick with a high fever and vomiting all weekend. Now that the weekend is over I have a sore throat and am super tired. I feel nauseous. I'm going to take some tylenol and hopefully when I wake up I won't be worse. But most likey, I will be worse, that's how it always works for me!

Back to the busy part again...I worked with lots of wonderful CT goodies this month! I wish I would have kept up with my blog to share everything but I'll have to stick with the most recent. Rina Kroes made an incredible new kit for Autism Awareness called WRONG PLANET. Misty Cato has started a wonderful ABOUT A BOY line and I worked with the first two so far which are BIRTH TO 18 MONTHS and also 18 MONTHS TO 3 YEARS. Amy Bleser started selling at Scrapbook-Bytes and she started the store off with some wonderful cardboard goodies and a A Song in my Heart Kit! Shabby Princess was our April Sponsor at Treasures to Scrap so all of us lucky CT members got to work with her incredible designs! I got to scrap with WILD LOVE, WONDERFUL and also STUDIO CHIC. They were all awesome to work with, but then again, what Shabby Princess product ISN'T??!! :) Finally a couple CT items from Scrapbook-Elements. I really liked one of Ashalee Wall's new kits called PUNKY! This kit will be just perfect for all the "attitude" looks my DD tends to give! :) And I finally got a cute kit to scrap those four-legged friends! It is Petra Losbichler's THE DOG SET!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Got my FINAL item today!

Yup, April 3rd, and the movie Charlotte's Web is in the stores just in time for Easter!! We have not seen this movie yet but heard many good things about it so I figured I would get it for my daughter for her Easter Basket! It was the last thing that I had in mind to buy for her basket. I bought my son the Happy Feet DVD and hope that it is good too! I'll have to update you all on what we thought of both movies after we watch them!! :)

Drop me a comment and let me know what you got for your kid(s) for their Easter Baskets! I'm always up for future ideas! ;)

Monday, April 2, 2007

A Fresh Start

I swear blogger just doesn't like me...or didn't! I figured I would give this whole blog thing another try. So for my very first post I would like to say WELCOME to my blog! :) That's all. Now I gotta get back to my scrapping & school work! SO much to do & SO little time!